Our projects and partners.


We love to collaborate and we love projects that are part of our DNA, whether they concern the slaughterhouse, the woodlands, agriculture, the courses or anything else to hand.


Below you can read more about the projects we are currently running and see who is on board.



In collaboration with The Environment and Food Ministry’s institution Food Culture, Skærtoft, Naturmælk and Økologisk Landsforening, we train the next generation in sustainable food production through a series of Open School courses.


The project runs throughout 2018 and receives financial aid from a foundation that fosters the development of agriculture and the food industry. You can read more about the project here



In our fields we grow animal feed, organic grain for the local baker and vegetables for our food craft courses.

The philosophy behind our farming is that healthy soil provides the best crops and the most nourishing grass, and therefore we are working to build up the soil quality instead of impoverishing it. We do this by sowing a catch crop of nitrogenous legumes.

At the same time we nature have a hand in our farming by planting hedges, leaving some areas untouched and creating specific areas in the fields where you’ll find flowers, grasses and herbs that attract bees, insects, birds and other wildlife.



Planting at Steensgaard

As a continuation of this we are now in full swing with a project aimed at increasing biodiversity in the large fields to the north of the farm. Here we are currently establishing two plantations of hazelnut trees, extending the existing windbreaks by constructing six additional rows.


The new plantations and windbreaks will encourage dormice and will also  benefit the insects that are so important for our fields.


The project is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2018 and has been supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Denmark and Europe working together to invest in country districts.



Ethical farming with respect for nature

When you are operating an ethical form of farming where the animals  need to have access to fresh air, water and green grass all the year round, while at the same time providing space for nature, it’s necessary to invest in technologies that can help make everyday life on the farm more effective, for example in the form of a mobile feed trailer with weighing facilities and a frost-proof water tank as well as a transport truck making it easier to move animals from one area to another.


In relation to this we also receive support from The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development : where Denmark and Europe work together with The Environment and Food Ministry and invest in rural areas.

The project is expected to be completed in December 2018.



You can read more about the fund here.