It’s all about rich land,
pure ingredients,
and expert craftsmanship.


Set on 900 hectares of rolling green meadows and regenerative forest, the rich land at Steensgaard includes a prolific vegetable garden, greenhouse, berry patch, flower garden and orchard, as well as expansive pastures that are home to herds of Red Angus cattle, Duroc and Yorkshire pigs, Black Welsh mountain sheep, chickens, and seasonal flocks of ducks and geese. Each element is tended to following organic and sustainable principles, with the understanding that the health and longevity of our soil and land are equally as important as that of our animals, our produce, and the people that they feed.

Soon our property will also house Steensgaard’s brand new food academy, which will offer an all-encompassing curriculum to bring the bounty of our land to your plate, along with a deeper knowledge of how our everyday food choices affect the world at large.

Initial courses are expected to launch in early 2019; please check back here for continuous updates.



Artisan food craftsmanship for professionals

For companies who want to provide supplementary training for their professional personnel and bring them closer to the produce with which they work on a day-to-day basis.

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Artisan food craftmanship as team building.

For companies who want to provide a team building experience that takes them closer to the produce. This is for those employees who don’t have a professional understanding of food preparation.

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