Steensgaard maintains a clear vision of re-establishing the connection between people and food by celebrating fresh produce, reviving artisanal culinary techniques, and nurturing a profound respect for nature.

We aim to secure the future of Danish food culture by fostering ethical and ecological farming practices, regenerative land management, and encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle. The culinary experiences and fine ingredients we offer shine as a direct result of our balanced, organic agricultural system; we hope to communicate the significance of that relationship, and cultivate a fundamental passion for food craftsmanship, for generations to come.

One of the main factors that distinguishes Steensgaard from other organic Danish operations is that our entire value chain, from animal feed to sliced salami, is located right here on the farm. This means that the grains, greens and beans we feed our animals are grown in the very same fields where we raise our organic pigs, sheep and cattle. Our animals prosper by living in an expansive, natural outdoor environment year-round, and are slaughtered under stress-free conditions in our own onsite abattoir by people they know and with whom they feel most comfortable.

Our master butchers use age-old artisanal processes to transform our animals into deeply flavorful charcuterie and sausages. With our slaughterhouse, butchery and curing facilities all under one roof, Steensgaard has the unique ability to craft our charcuterie from fresh meat, and sidestep the common use of artificial additives and binders entirely. Our products are aged to perfection in our subterranean maturing cellar, and packaged, labeled and delivered by our very own team. This 100% vertically integrated system allows us to be more innovative, more creative, and to always guarantee the finest, freshest products on the market.


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