“We created Steensgaard with the goal of re-establishing the connection between people and the food that we eat. Steensgaard is not only about producing the finest artisanal foods, but also understanding, nurturing, and protecting the fresh, natural ingredients we make our products with.”


Ann Wiesinger, Steensgaard. 

Quality you can taste.

All of our meat is produced from our own organically and sustainably-raised animals, who live freely in our fields as nature intended them to. Steensgaard’s skilled butchers ensure that each animal meets their end humanely and stress-free in our onsite slaughterhouse, and proudly use time-tested traditional techniques to create the most flavorful, high-quality products you can taste.

Training for the future.

Are you a food enthusiast with the desire to develop your culinary skills and gain a deeper understanding of your ingredients? If so, we invite you to check out our craft food courses, which cover everything from the kitchen garden to the butcher’s block. Launching early 2019.

100% honest, authentic and organic.

Everything we do at Steensgaard is 100% organic, and produced by hand with only the purest raw ingredients. At the foundation of our farm lies our utmost respect for nature, animal welfare, and the dedicated team of passionate, innovative individuals who uphold our quality of life.